How to Cook Bacon in The Oven

how to cook bacon in the ovenWhen you think of Bacon there comes a crispy taste in your mouth while enjoying your breakfast. No one could deny the importance of having bacon included in your breakfast menu because of its taste and nutritious composition. Most of us may prefer having our own touch of taste in bacon we cook for our breakfast.

Some like to have cured, smoked to seasoned bacon, some would prefer having the bacon cooked on the baking sheets while some may like them grilled to get the crispy smoky taste.

No matter which type of bacon flavor you would need, you can cook them in either way on a sheet, on a grill or in an oven. Oven baked bacon have a somewhat different texture and flavor and might be clearly differentiated from the fried bacon as well.

People may like to have a chewy texture on bacon with thicker layer instead of a thin one. While sometimes it is likely to be favorite when it is crispy and crunchy with a lighter texture and lesser thickness.

No matter which of these are preferable, you can prepare them in an oven and get the tasty breakfast treat ready within minutes.

For preparing bacon in the oven you need to be sure that you can provide enough baking time for getting the kind of texture you with proper and balanced heat provided in the specific time as well. Because if you prefer a crispy layer with a thickness you may need more time to prepare it. Whereas the thin bacon sheets are baked quickly with an instant golden brown touch and crispy texture.

How to cook bacon in the oven

You need to find a balanced crispy, and tasteful flavor and give the optimum cooking time to prepare them nicely without overdoing them.

For baking in an oven you may need to have the following thing in line:

  • Ready to perform oven
  • Baking sheets
  • Baking pan
  • Evenly and thinly sliced bacon strips
  • Seasoning and flavoring is up to you

Put the baking sheet on the pan and make sure it covers the whole pan so that you can align the bacon easily on the pan.

Put all the bacon slices on the sheet but make sure they do not overlap because if they do, you may not get an evenly cooked texture on the bacon.

Prepare your oven and place the pan inside your oven and leave for 15 minutes at the temperature around 375-degree centigrade. This will let you cook them evenly giving a perfectly baked texture on one side.

Flip your bacon carefully and let them cook for a time when these get fully cooked with golden brown texture and crispy touch.

After baking them whole, put them out and line them up on a plate covered with a paper towel it is important because bacon is greasy and to remove excess grease, these should be placed on the paper towel.

You now have perfectly baked bacon ready for your breakfast with the savory taste and crispy texture for everyone to enjoy.

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